Re: Bennett Brook Railway, WA

John Dennis

On 17 July 2014 23:20, Brian Rumary brian@... [LRRSA] <LRRSA@...> wrote:

On 15/07/2014 20:51, chapmanmchapman@... [LRRSA] wrote:
I think it's because the camera was compensating for the lack of flash.

I have a DSLR and it does show this yellow/green cast when taking photos in dim light situations such as loco sheds and barns! It looks as if the yellow pixels are more sensitive than the other colours.

I have always thought that is more likely to be the use of AWB - Automatic White Balance - with the camera trying to work out what the colour temperature is.   Were the interior photos taken with the colour balance set to Auto?

Nice photos, by the way. I have never visited Bennett Brook, but hope to rectify that within 12 months.


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