Re: Sylvan steam (Vic.) in 1954.


I see that the M&MBW referred to 'Sylvan Reservoir' in this notice for the 1935 auction.  When was the spelling  changed to 'Silvan', as shown on modern maps?  I suppose that it would be historically accurate, when recording details of the locomotives, to note it as 'Sylvan'.

Richard Horne

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According to my notes there were 9 Perry locos at Silvan Dam, 272 to 280 of 1928.
They were offered for sale at Auction in 1935 - The Argus 23/11/1935 p. 2
There were also 2 Fordson locomotives offered for sale at the same time
I presume the Perry locomotives failed to reach the reserve price.
4 went to Yallourn in 1942.
The other 5 were sold for scrap ex Silvan 1955/6.
John Browning

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