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Hi Bob/everyone,

Brad, your database proposal sounds a good idea.
Starting them in the group
would provide the opportunity for members to make
contributions and when a
specific database looks to be in good shape, then
perhaps we could look at
transferring it to the LRRSA website.>>>>
I shall get started on setting some up. I will be
including a date column for the latest report so older
ones (of the same wagon) can be deleted from time to
time and thus leave us with a constantly up to date
listing which cn be used on the website if Frank sees
I am thinking of databases initially covering:

1) Exisiting non-air coal hoppers. (coding, former
owner, current owner, location, status and date)

2) Preserved industrial locomotives excluding
sugarcane (I already have sugarcane compiled and will
place on the group when updated) with all the same
columns as above along with builders info.

3) Historical locations of interest to the industrial
railway fan.

I would welcome other suggestions regarding topics
we could cover in a database.

Private owner non-air hopper wagons still in
existence sounds like a good place to start. David
Sheedy, a key player in the proposed SMR museum at
East Greta Junction, rang me yesterday and our
conversation covered the non-air hoppers owned by the

David Sheedy dosent have an email address does he?

including the one
that went to Sandgate
Cemetery and has since been moved.>>>>
From memory to Pelaw Main behind the platform with
part of Telarah station on top.

You will also recall the photo panel we
ran in LR 172. Perhaps this might lead to something
similar on non-air hopper wagons on static

Certainly. Anything that will benefit the magazine.


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