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John Dennis

Hi Frank,

Did you attach the message? It's not attached on the email I received.

I assume from your comments that the trip starts from Whitehorse. That's easier to reach than Skagway, where I assume the train journey would start (especially if you want the 1-in-25 grades). Another option might be to fly to Vancouver and ride the ferry up to Skagway, but things begin to wind down from September. 



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Hello all,

I am forwarding the message below in case it might be of interest to you. It came to me from a north-west Canada Yahoo group.

It is for a trip in September next year.

It includes several days of steam operations on the 3ft gauge White Pass & Yukon Railway, which runs through extremely difficult country and includes 1 in 25 grades. 

The quoted trip price is somewhere between US$3299 and US$3999 depending on how many takers they get. On top of that price you need to get yourself to Whitehorse, Yukon. From what I could find on the web the return airfare to Whithorse via Vancouver from Oz is likely to be about $3000.

Afraid I don't know anything about the organisers of this, or whether they have done anything like this before. The Locomotive Club of Great Britain is sending a group, which would indicate that they have confidence in them.

What I do know is that the railway, the scenery, and the history of this place are all remarkable. It is definitely a place worth visiting. I visited there in 2001 and travelled on the railway behind steam from Skagway to Bennett. At the same time I  visited Dawson City, a weird incredible place north of Whitehorse on the Klondike River. If any of you decide to go it would be worthwhile to add a little time to look at other things in the area if you have an interest in history of remote mining towns and/or river boats. Parks Canada has done some excellent work on historic sites and objects (including four locomotives at Dawson City).



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