Re: Platina - part two

Bill Russell

G'day Peter,

I now think that my labeling of the sidings was wrong, and that you were right. I was
misled by the report in Weekly Notices that on 15/1/1946 Evans Bros Siding was dismantled.
It was obviously the other siding. The Weekly Notices have a few examples of giving wrong
locations. My apologies for that.

We were both wrong about the connection of the siding to the main line. Mark Bau's
web page track charts shows a loop on Evans Bros. siding. The photograph on which I relied
was not complete. This makes sense as it provided a small run around.

/ Main line
\ \ =========== Tramline

The above is very rough but it conveys the idea.

I shall amend my web page in due course.

Thanks for your comments.

Bill Russell

On 4 Jun 2014 at 21:02, [LRRSA] wrote:

Hi Bill,
I will clarify my remark of last night. The siding on the south side of the main line at Platina (as
shown in the field report for LR) was built for Evans Bros and was shared with the Coopers Creek
Copper mine. It made a parallel connection with Evans Bros tramway as shown in the map. The
White Rock Lime Company operated on an entirely different site to Evans Bros (and for a longer
period), and had its own tramway to what is generally known as Knott's siding. The latter tramway
was destroyed in the 1939 bushfires. After 1939 the White Rock Lime Company made brief use of
what had been Evans Bros siding for inwards loading of briquettes for its kiln. After 1939 all
outwards traffic from the White Rock kiln was by motor truck. The White Rock Company's
tramway system will feature in a future field report in LR.

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