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Re the Department of Home Affairs advertisement of 12 July 1914 for a 2ft gauge locomotive to be delivered to Port Moresby in the Territory of Papua, this looks like the efforts a locomotive for the 2t gauge tramway then being constructed from the Government Wharf at Port Moresby to copper mines at Sapphire Creek in the ranges behind Port Moresby. In our book ‘End of the Line’ Michael Pearson and I note that advertisements were place in the North Queensland Register on 16 July 1914 for a 2ft gauge locomotive, presumably with similar wording to this advertisement.


Bob McKillop


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DEPARTMENT OF HOME AFFAIRS. Melbourne, July 2, 1914.


Quotations are invited until noon on Wednesday, July 15, for the Supply and Delivery of one 2ft 0in. Gauge Locomotive, New or Secondhand, in good order, capable of negotiating 3-chain curves.  Delivery is required immediately. Tenderers are to state the time and place of proposed delivery.

For New Engine an eight-coupled Tank Engine should be offered, having axle load of about 5 tons, Copper Firebox and Tubes, Bunker and Tanks of capacity for a 20 mile run. Fuel, Wood and Coal.

In the case of Secondhand Engine, full particulars of Type, Power, Age, Date of last retubing, General Construction and Draw Gear should be given. Any type of Engine may be offered, but axle load not to exceed six tons.

Quotations to be addressed to the Engineer-in-Chief. Commonwealth  Railways, 84 William street, Melbourne, and endorsed as above.

WH KELLY For Minister for Home Affairs.


1914.07.09  Daily Herald, 9 July 1914 p.2




John Browning




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