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Well, yes and no.  It's actually Hunslet 1844, not 1884 (your typo, I assume), from the Ida Bay Railway.

Richard Horne

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Hi all,
Is Hunslet 1884 the loco that was in a dismantled state at the Don River Railway?
Please see the attached - if attachments work on this group?
Michael Chapman

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Hello John,

Thanks for putting up the picture, after blowing it up I have to agree. The information I got on the Hudson connection came through Statfold Barn. We have a member visiting there soon, so I have asked him to inquire further, we will also endeavor to search the Robert Hudson records at Leeds and try to get to the bottom of it.

There is the possibility that the original plates do survive somewhere- a picture taken shortly before it's transport to Don appear to show the plates on it, so we are now chasing up that angle.


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