Re: Timber Tramways East of Mansfield


Roderico & All,

Harper & McCashney's Buttercup tramway was still substantially intact
when Peter Evans led a tour there in about 97 or 98, looking at a map
on the CFA website the recent fires have come very close though -
hopefully it survived for future generations to admire.

North of Mansfield, around Tolmie & Tatong at least 7 other tramways
once existed, I explored some of them a few years ago and found some
good remains (mill sites, bridges, log landings, timber rails &
sleepers). Sadly the current fires have affected this area and a lot
may have been lost although with the undergrowth and blackberries
gone a lot more will be visible (look out for mine shafts!).
Its still burning up there but I intend to head back into the hills
when things cool down.


Glenn Howe

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The tramway was probably that operated by McCashney and Harper from
1937 to 1947. There is a history of it in Light Railways No71 (Jan
1981). If you can' get a copy I would be happy to scan and send it
to you.


Mike Mccarthy

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I have been planning to ask about this one since I joined, so I
introducing myself with this topic at last.

In the early 1980s I came across a partially rotted but still
wooden railed tramway. This line lead north out of the Buttercup
valley east of Merrijig. It ran across rising pastureland into
forested hilly land along a ridgetop. It appeared to have been
constructed to cart logs to a mill in the Buttercup valley or
for timber cartage to a point where road log trucks could reach.
condition of the timbers indicated to me that it was most likely
constructed in the 1920s or '30s.

Does anybody know anything about this tramway or others in the
Mansfield region ? There have been a few fires about those parts
I looked at those old wooden rails and I am sure that most traces
utterly disapeared by now.

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