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Dear John,

I seem to have missed (and lost) Roderick's email, but this reference is intriguing, as  J  A Lawton & Sons Ltd were coach and motor body builders and I had no idea that they also produced battery electric locos.  A search on the internet reveals that the company went public in 1948/49.

It built the MTT Adelaide's last traditional tram, H 351, in 1952.  This was to have been the first of 40 such cars, but the MTT was reconstituted and decided to scrap its trams, so the order for the following 39 trams was cancelled.  The large fleet of AEC and Leyland 3-door buses purchased in the late 1950s to replace the remaining trams were bodied by Lawton.  Although the firm had premises on North Terrace (a photo shows it lettered 'J A Lawton & Sons Ltd Coach & Motor Body Builders' with an additional sign 'Lawton Fork Lift Trucks'), it apparently also had premises at Port Adelaide.  Given the location of the North Terrace site, this is not surprising.



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Dear Roderick
Perhaps members of the forum may know something about JA Lawton and Sons Limited, North Terrace West, Adelaide.
I assume that they were manufacturers of electric commercial vehicles but they seem to have manufactured at least two 3ft gauge battery locomotives for the State Electricity Commission of Victoria’s, Kiewa Scheme. They were surplus to requirements by 1954.
Any information about this company and its products would be welcome.
John Browning

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