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I could not open the link, but (assuming we are referring to the Risdon Works) have a note that there were a Purcell 0-4-0PM (still in use in 1959) and a Chevrolet-engined 30hp loco with hydrostatic transmission.  Gauge not known, but narrow gauge.

I'm open to correction.

Richard Horne

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Very interesting, James. The EZ Works tramway was quite extensive, ran on three main levels, all of which was connected together by an haulage line from the wharf. This is the first time that I have seen or heard of a locomotive being used. In contrast, there is a number of photos. around of horses in action. Somebody must have some information on the locomotive(s).
            Tony Coen.

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Go to 13 min 35 sec to see the Zinc works locomotive in action. Any more info on this system about??

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