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The tram motor in question listed for sale at Walsh Island by PWD is likely (not guaranteed) to be PWD 72.  The evidence for this is in the upper photo on page 18 in the recent publication “Destination Newcastle” by Greg and Sylvia Ray which clearly has “72” painted on the side.  This motor is listed as being sold to the PWD in April 1926 ex-Newcastle.


I believe the 2 tram motors that were used on the Hawkesbury River bridge were Nos. 84 and 101.  Both of these were Sydney units at that time.  No. 84 departed Newcastle in 1925 and I can’t find No. 101 as being listed in Newcastle, thus suggesting the Sydney location for both motors.


Hope this helps.



Bruce Rankin


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Obvious question … What number was the steam tram motor and what had it been used for by the Government?

The only one/s I can think of, off-hand, were the two (2) used on the new Hawkesbury River B ridge construction, but I would have thought they would have been returned to Chullora for disposal.   Doubtless the story has already been told elsewhere, but perhaps someone can refresh my memory!


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