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More than a sensible idea, a necessary one, as it would form a useful record for future generations of railway historians.  A brief one line note is all that is required.

Richard Horne

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I feel that major changes of ownership of light railways (eg cane lines) should be reported as they happen in Light Railways.   What do others think?
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I’ve done that, can’t find the answers I want which is why I asked here. Google finds a report in the AFR dated 1st Feb 2013 that Wilmar are going to scrap the Sucrogen name but I can’t read the article because I’m not a subscriber so I still don’t know what date the Sucrogen name  was replaced by Wilmar.
You also need to be a subscriber to read articles in The Australian.
The ABC site had a few reports but no details.
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Try doing a Google search for Sucrogen around those dates and you'll find plenty of news reports... part of the selloff of Queensland Mills. I suspect that LR hasn't provided indepth explanations of many of ownership changes (sugar mill or otherwise) but details were certainly available from The Australian and the ABC at the time.


On 19/02/14 7:56 PM, Chris Stratton wrote:
What date did the Sucrogen sugar mills change to Wilmar? In the June 2013 LR they are called Sucrogen and in the Aug 2013 LR they are called Wilmar, with no explanation as to why and when. The Wilmar website states that they acquired Sucrogen in 2010 and Proserpine Mill in 2011.

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