Re: An unknown timber tramway


Thank you, Tony.  Good to know which mill it was photographed at.

Richard Horne

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The second photo. in that group of photos. (0-4-0ST Manning Wardle 371/1871 “Stanley”) has been the subject of discussion with a couple of Tasmanian colleagues and it is thought that the loco. is pictured on the former Tas. Timber Corp. Tramway out of Hopetoun (near Dover ). There are a few reasons why:
1. The loco. is in pretty good and unspoiled condition, similar to how it looked when it arrived at Dover ;
2. Photos. (only a couple) that we've seen of it at Geeveston depict it with a stove-pipe funnel and spark arrester with the engine very much knocked about/well-used;
3. It's facing the right direction (east) for working an empty train on Hopetoun Line; pretty sure that Geeveston engines all worked funnel-first from Geeveston Mill with empties.

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Thanks, Tony.

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> Need to do some checking, David, but pretty sure that it was 3'6".

>>>The Allport loco. worked on the Huntsman Tramway, which was south of
>>>Deloraine, Tas.

>> Do you know what gauge it was please?

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