Re: mystery pic



No doubt at all that you are correct.  It is the Huon Timber Co's 0-4-0ST 'STANLEY' [Manning Wardle 371 of 1871], used at Geeeveston. It came second-hand from R Hudson & Co., Victoria Colliery. Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK 'STANLEY' via Black, Hawthorn, who 'rebuilt' it in 1892.  It was 3' 4.5" gauge when running in the UK.

Richard Horne

From: James McCulloch
To: LRRSA@...
Sent: Wednesday, 29 January 2014, 23:49
Subject: [LRRSA] mystery pic
Can anyone add some illumination on this photo? I'm thinking Geeveston, but may not even be Tasmania.

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