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John Dennis


I don't think the Stannary Hills example is really a log, at least in the normal sense. Certainly a 76'6" long "log" was transported on something like 8 4-wheel wagons (or wagon underframes), but as far as I can tell it was a post being used in a mine headframe. A finished pole, rather than a log.

A 25 metre long length of pipe would have used the same wagons. 


On 29 December 2013 22:39, Mike Bickford <mikebickford@...> wrote:

Hi David,

Apart from the Innisfail Tramway, a few of the various 2 foot gauge tramways
in Australia had the means to transport logs using bogie flat trucks,
however it was not common.
Original drawings from the TGR's Zeehan and North East Dundas Tramway in
Tasmania and the NSW Public Work's Burrinjuck & Goondah Tramway in New South
Wales show virtually identical 10 ton flats with detachable bolsters. The
Burrinjuck book from, the ARHS includes a photo of logs being loaded onto a
flat truck, however I suspect it may be a longer 15 ton flat being used.
In Queensland, the Mapleton Tramway between Nambour and Mapleton transported
logs on bogie flat trucks as well.
Also. the Stannary Hills Tramway and the Irvinebank Tramway in North
Queensland built and used 4 wheel short wheelbase flat trucks as log
bolsters. I have seen a photo somewhere of a very long log on a string of 4
wheel bolster trucks.


Mike Bickford
Murrumburrah Tramway

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