Re: Powelltown Centenary

John Dennis


The LRRSA Sales Officer was also present during the day. The cavalcade along Little Yarra Road did include a steam roller - I thought there may have been three horse drawn vehicles, but am not certain. 

The museum put on a good open day, and the hall at Powelltown had an excellent display of photographs.


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Hello David,

On 20/11/2013 8:23 PM, David Langley wrote:

Unfortunately I ended up being triple booked last Sunday and a family birthday comes before any hobby function especially when it is a grandson. I would like to know how it all went, I'm sure there were plenty from LRRSA in attendance.

There may not have been many from LRRSA in attendance, though I know the two authors of the Centenary booklet visited in the morning, and the LRRSA Hon. Sec. was there in the afternoon.

It was primarily an event to involve the local community, and to raise awareness of the area's history in the local community, and to raise awareness in the local community of the work of the Upper Yarra Museum (run by the Upper Yarra Valley Historical Society - UYVHS).

I think it was successful in doing that. There was a big photographic display in the Powelltown hall, and while most of the photographs were already known to me, there were a few that were new. From what I have heard, the event has stirred up the community into looking for more photographs and documents, and I think more information will surface as a result.

The Fordson-engined rail tractor from Powelltown, which is now at the Yarra Junction Museum, had its engine going and moved under its own power along a short section of track. For most of the day it had its engine idling, and it seems to be in quite good condition.

There was a procession along the Little Yarra Road in the morning including two steam traction engines (actually one may have been a steam roller, I cannot remember the details), and at least two reasonably large horse drawn vehicles. At Yarra Junction there were some very impressive looking Clydesdale horses.

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