Was this a NSWGR Crane Locomotive?


With apologies for perhaps straying from the core topics of this group, I've placed a copy of a photo in an album entitled "Stationary Boiler" http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/LRRSA/photos/album/1060285968/pic/1441315768/view?picmode=&mode=tn&order=ordinal&start=1&count=20&dir=asc which I think might be one of the former Hawthorn Leslie crane locomotives supplied to the New South Wales Government Railway, in use as a stationary boiler.

The photo came with the caption "Liverpool Docks, 1962", but locals cannot place the location in the extensive dock system in Liverpool, England, nor can I find a record of such a locomotive supplied there.

On the other hand, the appearance and roof profile appear to correspond to the various Hawthorn Leslie crane locomotives supplied to the NSWGR. However, the only photos I've seen of such locomotives are fitted with open cabs - yet this one seems to have been fitted with a typical NSW "Thow cab". Were any of these crane locomotives so rebuilt?

The nameplate on the tank side and a plate on the smokebox door may have both been fitted after installation as a stationary boiler. From what I can tell, no such plates were carried during regular service and running numbers were painted on the tank sides.

I'm aware that there is a suburb of Sydney called Liverpool, but being on the other side of the world, I'm unfamiliar with this location. Were there ever any docks serving a port on the river there?

All rather speculative, I'm afraid, but enquiries here in the UK have drawn a blank so far and I'm hoping a possible Australian connection can either be confirmed or eliminiated.


Eddie Barnes.

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