Re: Cheltenham Asylum narrow gauge locomotive

John Dennis

Not an answer to your question, but something to consider:

There was:
Melbourne Benevolent Asylum at Heatherton opened in 1909
Heatherton Sanatorium opened in 1913, at Cheltenham, but (sometimes) referred to as the Heatherton Hospital

This article states:
"During the 1920’s the Heatherton Hospital and the Melbourne Benevolent Asylum were linked by an electric tram like conveyance that was used to transport food and other essential items required by the Heatherton Hospital. This tram line ceased to exist in the mid 1940’s"

In LR153 there are two Krauss locos listed as being used in the construction of the Heatherton Asylum, but under the subheading "Things not found" there is reference to Heatherton Benevolent Asylum. 

The electric tram ran between the two medical facilties, but the names (and perhaps suburb) are frequently confused.


On 17 November 2013 00:25, John Browning <ceo8@...> wrote:

Do we know anything about the Cheltenham Asylum narrow gauge railway electric locomotive?
A photo of it in 1923 appears here: 

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