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John Dennis <jdennis@...>

As requested, a brief "bio":

I've been modelling narrow gauge since 1969 or so, and my railway
interests have, over the years, narrowed in focus so they now almost
exclusively fit the "Light Railways" category. This to the extent
that I now drive from Melbourne to Queensland every year or two, and
do not point my camera at a train until the rails are only 2' apart

I have been researching the Stannary Hills and Irvinebank Tramways for
a couple of years with a view to building an On30 layout, this
research has extended to a trip to the area (a long way from home).
Thus far I've built just a couple of wagons, so a long way to go.
Always happy to engage people in discussions about these tramways.

I have also begun writing a column in Narrow Gauge Downunder dealing
with "obscure and little known" tramways. Happy to receive suggestions
for future columns (or comments about previous ones). I'm also
involved in organising next Easter's Narrow Gauge Convention (in
Melbourne) to which you are all, naturally, invited.

Hmm - not so brief...

John Dennis
Melbourne,Australia Home of the HOn30 Dutton Bay Tramway
and the Australian Narrow Gauge Web-Exhibition Gallery
Dutton Bay URL:

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