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through the past years I used Google Earth to map down the whole Indonesia archipelago with the help some friends. We mapped down about 300 histroric and still existing sugar mills on Java island and elsewhere, plus douzens of logging lines on Java and Sumatra, plus plantation lines, mining railways and other industrials. And we also collected all the private and state owned public railways. The file contains all locations, factories, stations and so on and all track layouts as far we could find it. It is a very impressive work as finally it gave an impression how many railways have been there. Here are a few screen shots.

Beside indonesia I also started (but not completed) the same for a few other countries, Germany, Philippines, Fidji, Egypt, Laos, Angola, Mozambique, Puerto Rico, Reunion and Egypt (in these countries mostly only sugar industry).


Am 11.10.2013 03:27, schrieb John Cleverdon:


Hello all,
After doing some recent work with Google Earth and KML files at work (land surveying/civil engineering design/town planning company), I wondered 'what other possibilities might there be?'
Railway features were something I thought of, and so I've created an example at: for the well-known trestle bridge at Noojee. OK, it isn't narrow gauge, though 8-)

Could something such as this be of interest, also given the recent work on mapping the Powelltown line?

When I can find the time, I'll do something more advanced, showing part of the Warburton line and stations.


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