Re: Goondi Mill 1 & 3 (Qld)

Christopher Hart

I photographed Simplex 3 at Mourilyan Mill on two separate occasions. That is if it was the bow framer that was latterly painted yellow & red and partially closed in,
Chris Hart

On 8 July 2013 19:20, John Browning <ceo8@...> wrote:

A further check has revealed that I was mistaken.

The one in Ipswich is SIMPLEX No.2.


SIMPLEX No.3 is privately preserved near Newcastle, NSW.

It was the one that Roger Anderson had up at Yungaburra for a while.

It was owned by Mourilyan but I think it didn’t leave Goondi mill yard.

It is Motor Rail 2117 of 1921, new to Childers Mill, which makes it the oldest surviving one in Australia.

It has the ‘bow frame’ which means it was probably built from parts intended for WW1 use.



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