Re: Goondi Mill Simplex 2 (Qld), part 2 [1 Attachment]

Christopher Hart

5 is defineately a DHI-71,
Chris Hart

On 15 July 2013 10:30, Roderick Smith <rodsmith@...> wrote:
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I rushed the earlier post, and forgot to refer to Clyde 5 in the background.
Is it a DH71? Last time the model was mentioned, there were a couple of
variants listed as well.
I also overlooked the other mystery: the loco to the left of the frame.
I have cropped to it, and retoned.
Having the radiator at one side seems quite odd.

I have also checked the slides: I took only one at the mill, and it is not
matched by a b&w. It shows a conventional loco 1, with jackshaft drive,
which doesn't look like Simplex 1 at Illawarra. That slide also has Clyde 5
in the background, but won't be scanned for a while yet.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

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