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Christopher Hart

Wouldn't have been a Macknade loco as they had no dual gauge. Victoria did and used a match wagon which was on 2' gauge and with both types of couplers at both ends. This eliminated the need for dual couplers on the locos but meant it had to be shunted around at the end of each trip,
Chris Hart

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Again, a great advance in knowledge.
I travelled on one of the northern mills (Victoria or Macknade?) with a mill 610 mm gauge loco propelling a 1067 mm gauge wagon to the interchange.
I have also photographed a Marion Mill 610 mm gauge steam loco shunting a 1067 mm gauge wagon at the mill. That need has now vanished.

I also thank Chris for taking the trouble to retype his notes for LRRSA: it should have been possible to transfer them without retyping, but if that shortcut was unavailable, retyping beats not seeing them at all.

All mainline hobbyists can list the classic locos of railway history (successes and lemons). The Walker diesel-hydraulic must be one of the least-recognised successes from an era when Australia could and did design and build. Can anything equal it for versatility? Toss in the Clyde DH71: prolific, and used in many places.

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor

...Pioneer Mill is now the only mill one with a 1067mm gauge system...
DH55 (regauged to 1000mm) the Lafarge Cement plant near Sungai Siput, north of Ipoh in Malaysia...Scott Jesser  


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