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Tony Smith

These pics were taken in July 2010:

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this page:
shows the Climax is indeed 1203, and it was officially commissioned in 1980.  The "Train Ride" sections of the web site indicate the trains are hauled by other locos, but that doesn't preclude the Climax from being operational. 
However, this web site:
indicates the Climax was stored in 2002.
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Yes, there was definitely a Climax at Shantytown in Greymouth when I visited in Feb 1986. Unfortunately it was in the shed being repaired at the time and not running, one of the cylinder heads was off. The number looks like 1203 in the slide I took.
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G'Day Frank,
Don't know if it is still operational, but I travelled behind a Climax in New Zealand at Greymouth (I think) some years ago.
Denis Wasley
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Climax geared locomotive No.1694 will be officially launched back into service on Sunday, 8 September, 2013 at 9.30 am with a special return trip from Belgrave to Emerald.

This is after a 12 year restoration project, and the event will coincide with the 85th anniversary of the locomotive first entering service.

Only three other Climax locomotives are operational, all in the USA, and Climax 1694 is the only one built to 2ft 6in gauge.

More details of the locomotive, and the relaunch can be found on the Puffing Billy Railway's website:

where bookings can also be made online.

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