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There is no doubt that it is a copy of 'Lady Barkly'.  The second and third locos were much larger, had a large dome just behind the chimney, a different safety valve cover and curved wing plates to the boiler front.  The sloping covers shown are as on 'Lady Barkly'.  Being the first (and much smaller) one was clearly why it was the subject of this replica.

Richard Horne

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G’day Bill,
From a friend in New Zealand
It is one of 3 Crampton locomotives built for the wooden railed Oreti Railway out of Invercargill in 1861 and 1864.
Without seeing a side view he cannot be sure exactly which one it is.
Cramptons were  built for these folks be either Hunt & Opie at the Victoria Ironworks in Ballarat or by Robinson Thomas and Co’s Soho Foundry also in Ballarat Vic. Again without seeing a side view he can’t positively identify which one but by looking at the shape of the smoke box he thinks it is the first one built in 1861 by Hunt & Opie.
David Axup
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Subject: [LRRSA] An Unusual NZ locomotive.
G'dau All,
           A friend was touring in Christchurch NZ and took this photo.
If anyone knows any details I would like to pass them on to him.
Regards  Bill Russell

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