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John Kramer visited in October 1997 and sent me several photographs of his visit.  These showed:
Two derelict 0-4-0WT frames
'Old Thomas' Hunslet 1844/1937 0-4-2T in shed
1 MM running
2 MM with wooden 'tram' body in shed
3 MM running
4 MM up off its wheels and with radiator removed, apparently derelict 

All were painted red, but John also enclosed a postcard of what appears to be 3, painted green.

Another friend visited in 1998 and sent me a photo of 2, with its 'tram' body, outside and presumably the loco in use.

Richard Horne

From: John Browning
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Thanks Tony
On a recent visit, I saw the open cabbed Malcolm Moore locomotive, the original number 2, near the loco shed. I was told it is waiting to receive a new engine as the railway needs three serviceable locomotives.
Out the back were the clearly recognisable remains of No.1, and another dismantled locomotive that must be the original number 4.
I have seen reports of one of the Malcolm Moores having being given ‘tram engine’ bodywork in the early 1990s and named TEDDY BEAR.
Would I be correct in suspecting this to have been the old number 4?
Can anyone post a photo of it in this form and provide information about when it was remodelled, how long it ran for, and when it was pulled apart?
I also noted the wonderful looking railmotor SILVER STREAK, which I understand was rebuilt by David Beck on the underframe of the “Vauxhall” railmotor from the Lake Margaret tramway. Can anyone provide any more information about this? Was the SILVER STREAK ever used for passenger services at Ida Bay and why it has fallen into disuse?

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