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Thanks Frank as that adds another piece to solving the jigsaw!!



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I cannot speak for Neranwood specifically, but in Victoria they did amazing things with timber bogies if the need arose, and I imagine the same sort of thing happened at Neranwood.

If they had VIP parties visiting they would join two timber bogies together with longitudinal planks and build longitudinal back to back seating on them. I can recall a case where the Governor of Victoria and various government ministers and MPs travelled on a tramway at Forrest in that way, but there were many other examples where VIPs visited timber mills in the bush and they were accomodated on temporarily modified log bogies.

Timber tramways did not have passenger vehicles because they did not legally have the authority to carry passengers. I feel very confident there would have been no passenger vehicles on the Neranwood tramway. The only exceptions I can think of are the Powelltown tramway in Victoria, and various lines in Western Australia (where the whole approach was different), but I cannot think of any other cases. Interestingly the Powelltown tramway, as built, was designed and managed by Western Australian interests.



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