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Adelaide, Melbourne & Sydney Zoos all had the 'Here She Comes' loco - all built by McKay of Sunshine Victoria in February, 1925, April 1923 & October 1929 respectively.

The Sydney one seems to have had a short life being replaced by a new loco in November 1934 for some unknown reason - possibly due to a derailment in September 1932, when 2 people were injured - though it, or another loco was still running in April 1933.

The Melbourne one appears to have been running in 1940 until replaced by the well known 'Spirit Of Zoo' (Spirit of Progress) loco in November 1941.

The Adelaide train appears to have operated until the mid 1960s, when it was replaced by another loco.

It is reputed that it is the Adelaide train that is at the Coolangatta Historic Village Motel (near Berry, NSW). The train was planned to be auctioned in November 1984 [LRN 10/1985], and the track lifted in 1988 [LRN 10/1988]. The train was still noted there in March 1995 [LRN 4/1995]


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I recall this loco being discussed previously but can't remember&#92;>
where it came from, can someone please enlighten me?
IIRC, both Sydney and Melbourne Zoos had "miniature trains" with a
'Here She Comes' locomotive, so it could have been one of them.

See attached news clipping for the opening of the Sydney Zoo train.



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