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Mark Trainbrain

Hi Sam,
 The Arthur River has variously been known as the Whyte River or Magnet Creek from what I gather, but these days is known as the Arthur River all the way to Magnet.
 There were a number of bridges over the Arthur, the one in the town area was a footbridge-the abutments are still obvious next to the little stamper battery, and the rail bridge still more-or-less standing is further east, just before the line climbs through the rainforest section.

On 24/04/2013 12:36 PM, Sam Laybutt wrote:
Thanks Mark. Is the old bridge over Arthur River located at the town site? or further east?

I've got the 1:25 000 Tasmap series topos for that area (not sure of the map name as I don't have it on me right now). It shows the route of the line as a track and also shows the 'Proclaimed Town of Magnet'. No other useful features as far as I can see unfortunately. 

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Hi all,
 As Tony said, the narrator was referring to the mine tunnel or adit. Part of the switchback is now washed away, and it was very steep!
 The mine is south west of the town site. Unfortunately Google Earth shows a nuisance cloud cover over the area. If you plug  41°26'24.16"S 145°27'5.27"E into Google Earth you will see where the town area was, the mine is approximately at  41°26'38.60"S 145°26'52.29"E.

Which topo maps do you have? Mine are next to useless...

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