Magnet Town film and adventure

Mark Trainbrain

Hi all,
Mark Fry was kind enough to pass on a copy of this film to me at the Aus Narrow Gauge Convention over Easter, and I have since found it has already been uploaded to Youtube:

I spent a couple of days towards the middle of March exploring Magnet and drove whilst videoing the track bed from Waratah to the mine, not really a viable track to drive unless you don't mind scratching your 4WD due to overgrowth.
Gee that track is dark and dank until it levels with the Arthur River. Historic photos show the hillsides bare of trees, the regrowth has closed in successfully, so it is hard to pick out locations where photos of the train was taken.
The valley where the mine and town was is thoroughly revegetated predominately with Celery Top Pine too.
There are still some fantastic remains at the mine site, uprights from the concentrating shed, brick foundations from the crusher, concrete foundations from the hydro powerhouse and auxilliary power plant, a small stamp mill below the town area, the main adit and the later lower level trial adit, a pair of boots by the site of a workman's hut, bottles and bricks at the site of the shops, footbridge abutments, embankments, the enormous overburden/spoil banks that dominate everything, rusty mine skips, a vertical boiler and lengths of rail 'up the gully'. There is still most of a bridge over the Arthur River and of course most of the earthworks are still more or less intact. I took around 20 gig of digital media of the line and mine site! I can upload to photobucket a selection of photos if anyone is interested. A photo of my camp with the concentrating mill in the background can be seen here:

Now I have grandiose plans to model the Magnet Tram and mine/town far more accurately than I had previously intended.
Mark K
who was going to rejoin the LRRSA at the ANGC but there wasn't a stand :(

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