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And here she is in 1998.

Richard Horne

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The Baldwin was formerly owned by Racecourse Mill and ran on the Silent Grove line out from Mt. Ossa.
Qld. Aust.

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Issue No. 85 (Jan-Feb 2013) of the UK-based “Narrow Gauge World” magazine on p.13 includes a brief report to the effect that:
“Steam operations at the Dreamword theme park near Brisbane, featured in NGW 64, are likely to end by June 2013.   Train operations will continue, hauled by a steam lookalike diesel from Italy.   No public announcement has yet been made and the future of the Baldwin and Perry steam locos at the site is uncertain.”
The Baldwin loco is a former WW1 4-6-0, rebuilt at the time of the theme park’s opening back in 1974, from a tank engine to resemble a 4-6-0 “wild west” tender-type locomotive.
Confirmation or otherwise would be appreciated. 

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