Re: "Light Railways" Editor

John Browning

Dear Sam


Thanks for your appreciation. We do try our best and I am certainly full of praise for the job that Bruce Belbin has done over a 15 year period.


While a level of autonomy and responsibility lies with those responsible for each section, I would like to characterise our editorial team as having been collaborative and interdependent.

And I have to say it is not a democracy – while we do respect each other’s contributions and competence, it does help for the members of the team to know that one person is prepared to make the hard calls after listening to the views of others. Bruce has been prepared to do that and I am grateful to him for having done so.


Lastly, I must also pay tribute to the members of LRRSA Council who have been most generous in their support for the editorial team and have been prepared to allow us to run the magazine within broad parameters.


While Sam has pointed to some of the standards of accuracy and reliability that we hope have been set, this should not put off anyone from wanting to take the reins. A wise editor will recognise that the processes and personnel to maintain quality standards are already in place.


It is now time for some new ideas and some new energy and it will be very disappointing if no one is prepared to put their hand up to come on board.


All best wishes










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