Re: “Light Railways” Editor

Eddie Oliver <eoliver@...>

On 24/03/2013 20:51, gould_scott wrote:
Hello Eddie, Frank & Everyone else,

As one of the new sub editors, I can confirm Frank is absolutely correct in what he is saying. We work to a common style guide, but each of us is responsible for compiling and proofing our own sections, before submitting them for the editor to finalize the layout.
As Frank has pointed out, the layout won't be the responsibility of the new editor, but will be left to experts to keep the magazine looking as it does today.
Received articles are stored on a central point so we can all assist with proofing and adjusting to fit the style guide, and discussing with the author any issues that may arise.There are subject matter experts available to help with clarifying details, and are a great help. The final proofs are sent out to the whole team for checking, before being sent off to the printers. It's a team effort and seems to work well, hopefully we can continue to build on what we already do.

Scott, that's very encouraging. So it seems to me that the term 'editor' for the new position is a bit of a misnomer; it is more like 'chairperson/co-ordinator of the editorial group' or similar. The title won't matter production-wise, but it may affect someone's willingness to take on the role.

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