North East Dundas Rollingstock Drawings

Brian <rallim56@...>

I have just posted 8 drawings of the passenger rollingstock that ran on the North East Dundas
Tramway, these drawing have been done as accurately as possible according to what information I have
been able to find.
For those that have made copies of the previous drawings I posted in the Files section, please
delete them as these new drawings are far more accurate, also for those wishing to copy these
drawings, before saving them, open them in the "Original" size and then save them, the drawings are
drawn to fit onto a A4 page, in order to print them correctly to scale, go to the link below and
follow the printing instructions, failure to follow these instruction will result in printing the
drawings being progressively compressed from right to left, meaning the drawing will no longer be

Qld. Aust.

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