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Bruce Wood

Hi Folks,

I am trying to load the CD program on a Windows 7, 32-bit operating system. I cannot get it to work successfully. (I get a Windows error message, which tells me that the program will not open, but doesn't explain why?).

Is anyone using the CD on a Windows 7 operating system, and did you need to do any tricks to get it to work?


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Good point! You could be correct there. The other thing worth exploring is Compatability Mode within Windows 7. I haven't tried it with the LRN CD but it could work. Not sure if it is in all versions of Windows 7 though.


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I think it depends which version of Windows 7 you have.

From memory don't you need Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL or above to use


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I use Windows 7 and had the same problem. The answer is to run the LRN CD
is Virtual XP mode. This involves setting up an XP environment within
Windows 7. You can then run practically anything that ran in XP that won't
run in Windows 7. It sounds complex but it isnt. If you google Windows
Virtual XP you will find out how to do it. I was using LRN on CD on Friday
evening this way.



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All the work has been done to reformat this into a single pdf file
consisting of about 2500 A5 size pages.

It is a format ideal for hand held devices like iPads, and also easy
to read on the screen.

The only remaining work to be done is to design artwork for a CD jewel
case, and find a company to make 100 CD-ROMs in jewel cases.

This will be done eventually. But there are many other more urgent
things to be done.



On 25/03/2011 4:06 PM, A C Lynn Zelmer wrote:

I wonder what the chances are of the LRRSA re-issuing this to work
on newer systems (and maybe also Mac & Linux) instead of having to
metaphorically standing on our heads to patch a broken system? I'm
running Vista on a Mac using Parallels and changes like this never
seem to survive the next update, regardless of whether it's an
update to Mac OS, Vista or Parallels.

Ta, Lynn
Lynn Zelmer
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