Re: Tramways of the Mornington Peninsula

Michael Milway

Dear all,
I have only just read my copy of LR 229 (Feb 2013).

I was very pleased to note that my enquiries about tramways on/of the Mornington Peninsula had made it into the reasearch section of the magazine.

I would like to offer my thanks to everyone who participated in the discussions and for turning my initial questions into a worthwhile addition to LR.

Michael Milway.

--- In, "keith" <sherlock@...> wrote:

Hi John,
That walking track would be the Two Bays and is at the western end of Bunurong track. My old Broadbents I left with the Historical Society so will have a look when next there.

--- In, John Cleverdon <johnc@> wrote:

My father dug out a copy of a Broadbents guide to the Mornington
Peninsula from around the 1960's.
It shows a quarry on Latrobe Parade above Anthony's Nose. As well, the
current Bunurong Track (the 'back route' between Dromana and McCrae) is
labelled as 'Quarry Road'.

Keith, I assume the walking track you are referring to is Two Bays
Track? (I haven't wandered along it for a couple of years or more).

John Cleverdon, B John Cleverdon
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

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