Re: Timber tramway field weekend in Batemans Bay 22-24 March

Ian Barnes

Fellow Light Railers

Just reminding you of my original message below.

If you are contemplating coming to the Batemans Bay (south coast of NSW) field weekend of 22-24 March, I will need to hear from you by this coming Friday 8th March. The flyer advertising the weekend, and with details, is posted on our "Files" site.

Ian Barnes

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Hello fellow Light Railers

I have been a member of LRRSA for some time and have been receiving discussion group messages since 2009 but only now I am lurching out my "receival" mode and moving into "launch" mode (my recent retirement is primarily responsible for the upgrade).

I am organising a timber tramway field trip in Batemans Bay, NSW on the weekend of 22-24 March 2013 on behalf of the Institute of Foresters or Australia (IFA). Although it is nominally an IFA event, foresters do like to converse with all associated groups, so LRRSA and Australian Forest History Society (AFHS)members are also very welcome to this event.

I am posting a copy of the flyer for the weekend to this site. Broad details of the weekend's activity, and booking info, is within the flyer. Also note that fees indicated within the flyer will be collected on the day.

In particular, for LRRSA members' information, I will be showing locations north of Batemans Bay of at least two timber tramways - The Bawley Point line, and the Benandarah (aka Cullendulla) line. Other lines in the area will also be discussed but not necessarily visited.

As well as posting information to this site, I have given the NSW chairman, Jeff Moonie, the same information so that he can advise attendees of the upcoming February NSW meeting.

I hope you consider coming along. You may well enjoy both the field visits and the company.

Ian Barnes

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