“Light Railways” Editor

Frank Stamford

All Australian LRRSA members will have received a letter in the mail advising that our editor of "Light Railways" Bruce Belbin has advised his intention to relinquish that role later this year. Bruce has held this position for 15 years, and was responsible for the complete redesign of the magazine in February 1998, a change which quadrupled the magazine's circulation and revitalised the LRRSA.

That letter sought expressions of interest from people interested in taking on the role of editor. We asked for responses by 6 March, so the purpose of this message is to remind members of that deadline which is one day before our March committee meeting when the LRRSA Council will be discussing the future of "Light Railways" magazine.

It is possible the nature of the editorial task as outlined in the letter may have seemed too daunting. But this is not necessarily so. Modern computer software and communications make it possible to spread the load effectively amongst a team of people, and the software effectively takes control of much of the layout process.

If you have any interest in being involved in the "Light Railways" editorial process it would be helpful if you could respond by email directly to me, or if you wish call me on 03 5968 2484 to discuss the possibilities. Once we know who is interested in being involved, and the skills they bring to the team, we should be able to design a process which provides a satisfying experience for each person in the team.

We did not send the letter to our overseas members because of the high cost of postage, but location is no barrier to membership of the "Light Railways" team, provided you have a reasonable internet connection.

By the way, finding content to fill "Light Railways" is rarely a problem. There is usually plenty of material available, though some states are not as well represented as they should be.

Frank Stamford
Publications Officer LRRSA

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