Re: West Coast WIlderness Railway to Close


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Its an entirely admirable action to take, but can't help wondering how much
the impact is reduced when the petition was created and signed by someone
in Boston, Massachusetts, not Tasmania, or even elsewhere in Australia.

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Apparently an online Petition has been organised to do its part to try to
save the WCWR. The URL is:

if you're interested in adding to it.


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Some news which came out of the meeting at Queenstown on 7 February
(last Thursday) to discuss the future of the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

May be fortuitous that it's an election year . . .

Surely one way to reduce running costs would be to decommission the rack
and just run trains using adhesion. A rack is not really needed for 1 in 16
- a bit of a luxury. Just leave it in situ to remind visitors. Simplify
maintenance of the locos as well. And why not add a bar for second-class
passengers would also bring in more $$ - 1st-class passengers aren't the
only ones who like a drink!

Phil Rickard



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