Re: West Coast WIlderness Railway to Close

Graeme Inglis

Apparently an online Petition has been organised to do its part to try to save the WCWR. The URL is:

if you're interested in adding to it.


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Some news which came out of the meeting at Queenstown on 7 February (last Thursday) to discuss the future of the West Coast Wilderness Railway.

May be fortuitous that it's an election year . . .

Surely one way to reduce running costs would be to decommission the rack and just run trains using adhesion. A rack is not really needed for 1 in 16 - a bit of a luxury. Just leave it in situ to remind visitors. Simplify maintenance of the locos as well. And why not add a bar for second-class passengers would also bring in more $$ - 1st-class passengers aren't the only ones who like a drink!

Phil Rickard

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