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Hi all,
A few years ago I researched the Shoreham Pier and it was built in 1870. I have a couple of photo`s of it but there is no sign of a tramway.
A couple of years ago at the Flinders and District Annual Meeting a local gave a talk on the early days of Shoreham and circa 1860 there was a tramway on an early map with a mill on Stony Creek and jetty.
Stony Creek right up to Red Hill South had never been milled but my uncle told me that all the valley there was tree stumps. So all the timber was dragged down to Shoreham.
Henry Tuck the early settler in the next valley Mantons Creek wrote a poem and part of it is....
At Stony Creek long years ago
When bullocks held the sway
When land was little worth
Without a team or dray
It was a wondrous sight to see
When twenty teams and fifty men
When Sleepers drew and sleepers hewed
For Sandridge Railway then.
From The Men Who Blazed Th Track......
....He believed they were the first sleeper cutters for the
old Hobsons Bay Railway, and for Geelong.
The main timber from the Arthurs Seat Range was Messmate (Euc Obliqua).
The timber out of very old buildings the nails would break off when trying to extract them.
Now there was quite a few saw mills and if there is any enthuasom I will plot where they all were on a map.
Keith H.

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Hi all,
Dromana had a tramway where Latrobe Parade is at the top end it runs
into the walking track to
Arthurs Seat where a short way up is where the gravel was quarried and
a tramway constructed down hill to Anthony`s Nose and that old quarry is
still there. The gravel was railed down hill and tipped into the drays
below. A Mr Alnutt was the contractor and had the contract for the road
towards Sorrento.
Cheers, Keith H.

Many thanks for your info Keith,

It ties in with an advert I had previously noted in The Argus, 26 Feb
1924, relating to the sale of 70 chains of rails, plus trucks and
quarry equipment by a G.T.Allnutt of Dromana. (copy attached, I hope! -
if it drops off you can find it at
in the 8th column)

Also looking forward to anything you may know of tramways over Shoreham

cheers Phil Rickard

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