Re: Industrial railways in Iceland


On 13/02/2013 07:50, Phixer wrote:
And there was me thinking that only the Germans and Japanese were the
occupying forces in World War 2.
I think that Iceland was still a Danish dependency at that time, although it got its independence after WW2.

The British, US and Soviets also jointly occupied Iran in WW2, after we deposed their ruler Rezza Shah (father of the last Shah), as we didn't think he "was anti-German enough". We then used the country as a route to send aid to the Soviets. One of the (many) reasons why the Iranians now hate our guts.

We also invaded various territories belong to Vichy France, such as Syria, Madagascar, Algeria, Morocco & Tunisia, plus chucking the Italians out of their colonies of Libya, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Brian Rumary

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