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Hi all,
Dromana had a tramway where Latrobe Parade is at the top end it runs
into the walking track to
Arthurs Seat where a short way up is where the gravel was quarried and
a tramway constructed down hill to Anthony`s Nose and that old quarry is
still there. The gravel was railed down hill and tipped into the drays
below. A Mr Alnutt was the contractor and had the contract for the road
towards Sorrento.
Cheers, Keith H.

Many thanks for your info Keith,

It ties in with an advert I had previously noted in The Argus, 26 Feb
1924, relating to the sale of 70 chains of rails, plus trucks and
quarry equipment by a G.T.Allnutt of Dromana. (copy attached, I hope! -
if it drops off you can find it at
<> in the 8th column)

Also looking forward to anything you may know of tramways over Shoreham

cheers Phil Rickard

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