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Stephen Percy Larcombe

But perhaps they realised that they did not have the sea power to keep their occupying forces supplied?

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Just as an aside. It always seemed to me that the Germans made a seriouis error of judgement in not invading Iceland  when they  attacked Denmark and Norway. Not up to their usual Teutonic efficiency. From memory Iceland didn't and hasn't any armed forces so it wouldn't have taken much.
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G’day DFrank,


The Brits actually “garrisoned” Iceland with the civil administration of Iceland still the sovereign power.  They were not an “occupying force” in the sense of the Axis Powers invading other countries – and you left Italy out of your “occupiers”.  And don’t forget that on the cessation of hostilities in both Europe and the Pacific the Brits and US did occupy Germany and Japan as did Australia in Japan.


Pedantic to be sure but couldn’t help myself.





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> During World War II Iceland was occupied by Britain, and the website
> includes some details of railways built by the British during that
> time.
> Regards,
> Frank

And there was me thinking that only the Germans and Japanese were the
occupying forces in World War 2.

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