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This is a most interesting photo and shows Avonside 1436 of 1902, new to the East Greta Coal Mining Co (South Maitland Railway from 1918) No.3 and sold in 1927 to the Sydney & Suburban Blue Metal Quarries Ltd., Widemere Quarry.  Its line branched off the NSWGR at Fairfield.  Scrapped 1934.

Richard Horne

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Gidday all,
Nothing to do with the Laverton Tramways but seemed the simplest way of attaching a file other than putting it in my folder.
And there did not appear to be an obvious way of attaching in the 'start a new topic bit.'
A friend recently loaned me a photograph taken in 1929 of a locomotive working on the Prospect Reservoir quarry line.
Photo and inscription on reverse attached.
After a bit of Googling I see that this reservoir is part of Sydney's water supply but now virtually in suburbia.
Obvious question to all the knowledgeable people out there.
The make of the locomotive?
Anything more known about this line?
Cheers David.

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