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The Harman was very similar to the Perrys, but its distinguishing feature was its dome.  Unlike the hem-spherical top on the Perrys' domes, its top was somewhat flatter and less elegant.

Richard Horne.

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I didn't think the Harman had side tanks at all.
Rod hutchinson

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When I first read this I was expecting "QR wagon" to mean Queensland Railways, so Melbourne Yard came as a surprise. For those unfamiliar with Victorian Railways wagon classifications, the QR wagons were bogie wagons. (I think the VR officially used the word "truck" rather than "wagon").

I suspect this may be the Harman, there is something about it which does not look quite right for a Perry.


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It looks like it's in a QR wagon in the 'electric crane'  sidings at the far south end of Melbourne Yard.  The brick wall at the back will be the top of the retaining wall along Flinders St Extension. The ship's mast would be in the small dock at the south east corner of Spencer and Flinders St. Are you sure it's a Perry and not a Harman?
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This appears to be one of the ex-SR&WSC Perry locomotives in a railway truck, packed up for shipment – perhaps by sea.
It has been suggested that the wagon appears to be on 3ft 6ins gauge which might indicate Tasmania or Queensland.
There appears to be a ship’s mast in the background and these colonial buildings look to be too early for Brisbane.
Does this mean Launceston or Hobart?
Can anyone confirm this or suggest an alternative location?

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