Re: Condong & Northern NSW mills


Further to postings on this subject, it might also be noted that my article
'Origins of the Australian central sugar milling system' in LR 138 (October
1997) covers the early years of cane transport at the northern NSW mills in
some detail.

Bob McKillop

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Other posters have referred you to the best resources on this topic,
especially John Armstring's excellent but too brief article in the June 76

On page 132 there is a refeerence to Byrne's and Brinsmeads tramways which
would have crossed the Pacific Highway at Oak Avenue. The plantations they
served were on Dodds Island rather than Stotts Island as John states. There
were still remnants of track on this line in the mid 1980s but it has gone

The Broadwater mill had almmost no permanent track that I know of. I had
uncles growing cane at Empire Vale and friends of my parents at Pimlico
(They always had the latest model Chev Bel Air - such indulgence). Every
year the portable tramlines were put out through the paddocks and along the
roadsides and the cane trucks were hauled to the wharf by farm tractors. The
Pacific Highway in those days followed the river and the level crossings of
the highway were installed permanently. Perhaps Broadwater's only permanent

I can't remember seeing any at the mill when I visited it on a school
excursion in 1966 and I was looking out for any railway items. Bexhill
brickworks were a better excursion in that regard but that's another story.

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As a newcomer to this Group, and to the world of light railway research, I
am curious about the tramways of northern NSW, and Condong in particular.
It may simply be that I am not looking in the right places, but it strikes
me that remarkably little seems to have been written about these tramways. I
can find no references or even suggestions of any books, and with the
exception of the colour photo of the NSWR standard goods at Condong (which
ISTR was on the front cover of Bulletin??)nothing by way of photos. Is it
that I am not looking in the right place or is the subject of northern NSW
cane trams an untilled field?
As a kid we used to travel up to Coolangatta for holidays and many times
saw the trams at Condong, sometimes to my fathers annoyance stopped on the
old Pacific Hwy to allow them to cross, but of course I was too young to
take either careful note, or photos. My father worked in the CSR
conglomerate and was once able to organise a tour of Condong mill for us.
This was at a time long before PR machines and factory tours. I think that
might have been about 1969/70 and the tracks for the tramway were all in
place, but the reason there were no trains around was probably that it
wasn't crushing season.
If anyone can point me to any books or articles on the tramways of Condong
(or Broadwater or Harwood) I'd be grateful. Is it a subject of interest to
anyone else here?

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