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Stephen Percy Larcombe

The rule for current rear overhang is 5.5 metres from the centre of the rear axle group, or 25% of the overall length of the loaded combination, whichever is less. So the over hang might be a bit over, BUT the real question is. How heavy is the load.
The whole loco is about 120 tonne (according to wiki entry on ASG) so, How much do the engine/tender/ wheel assembly weigh?
You can gross 49.5 tonne on a tandem drive truck with triaxle trailer, which gives about 30 tonne capacity, but a bogie (tandem) axle trailer cannot carry much more than 18 or 19 tonnes? I think that all trucks must be above what is now the legally allowable weight limits.

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Interesting collection of photos. I wonder if today they would allow the engine units to overhang on the back of the trailers.
Have they been moved from Newport yet?

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I wasn't planning to scan this quartet; I was going to jump to the craning.
However, there is considerable uncertainty about the route, and putting up a
sequence helps narrow the field.
Photo 9 was with the last selection; here are 10, 11, 12 & 13.

The tanks in 13 should help. I deduce that a lot industry which is in the
area today wasn't there in 1968.

The prime movers have been identified.

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