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John Dennis

The 1924 Working Timetable shows the Grampians line (with the note "Trains are not to run on the Grampians line without the authority from the General Superintendent of Transportation..."), and according to "VR to 62" the Grampians line was opened on 26/6/1905 and closed 29/3/1949. That evidence indicates that the VR considered it a branch line.


On Apr 21, 2012 10:55 AM, "Colin Harvey" <harveycr@...> wrote:

John Cleverdon, B>According to the ARHS' Australian Railway Routes 1854-
2000, the Grampians line opened in 1882 and was closed in 1949.
It was owned by the Public Works Department, but operated by the VR, until
1905 I believe. So it was a tramway until 1905 at least. Did it become a
railway when the VR took over?


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