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John Dennis


You need to download both the .map file and the .ozf2 file with the same number.  If you also download the 430.ozf2 file, into the same directory as the .map file, you can then use the 'File - Load from File" menu option in the OziExplorer software to load the map.

John (Dennis, not Cleverdon)

On 14 April 2012 11:55, Brian <rallim56@...> wrote:

John,How do you download a map, I tried to get >> and this is
all you get a page with a bunch of
Qld. Aust.

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> Hello all,
> A little OT, but for those who may be interested, it is possible to
> downloaded 1:25,000 topographic maps of NSW in an amended format for use
> with /OziExplorer /software.
> The maps are at: and index
> maps are at:
> The OziExplorer software can be downloaded from:
> (Trial/Shareware
> version).
> Note that the symbology has been changed a little from the printed maps,
> especially for point features; and not all text labels are shown.
> If you have any friends who are in to 4Wd'ing, they could be interested
> in these maps as well (which is how I came across them - 4WD'ing is a
> more recent interest of mine).
> Similar maps for Victoria (based on Victorian 1:25,000/50,000
> topographic maps) can be downloaded from:
> with an index map at:
> Alternatively, official NSW topographic maps and aerial photography can
> be viewed online at: and
> (the latter site includes some 1940's
> Sydney aerial photography)
> Regards,
> John
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